“Engine, engine Number 9”   Leave a comment

Tobyhanna DepotTobyhanna DepotTobyhanna Train DepotEngine, engine Number 9
On the New York Transit Line
If my train goes off the track
Pick it up!
Pick it up!
Pick it up!
back on the scene
crispy and clean.

On a cloudy moonless
night sits the
Tobyhanna Train
Station. Situated on
Church Street or
Route 423 in Monroe
County, Pennsylvania.
Built in 1907, the Depot
served to transport ice
from Tobyhanna Lake via
railway. Currently a main
artery for natural
gas distribution within
the county. Part of The
National Railway Historical
Society . And a stop along
the seasonal locomotive
tours from Steamtown

Coincidently the day after
the original post. I had the
opportunity to photograph
the train at the crossing.
Heating season. Stay warm.


Top Photograph Facing North East.
Middle Photograph Facing North.
Bottom Photograph Facing North West.
Last Liquefied Natural Gas Train.


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