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Nearing the bicycle season reminds me of this story….

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As many may know I sell Instant Photos with my Crown Graphic. Many times the process involves conversation just because of the camera itself. Recently I was approached by a gentleman named Ben. Of course we spoke a while about cameras and Instant Pictures. Some how the conversation turned to my children, where they attend college and the borough I spent my childhood. Which happens to be Queens. He caught me by surprise through his word association. Some how Queens meant the Velodrome to him. Unknowingly to Ben it meant a lot to me also. Many years ago I purchased a poor mans bicycle-fix wheel-from Kissena Cycles-builder Al Toefield. Al is known throughout the cycle scene in NY as far back as the ’40s. Al, Founder of Kissena Cycling Club, with two others influenced “The Track of Drems”-Kissena Park Velodrome. The only public bicycle track in NY.

Al measured me…

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