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Born in the Bronx, City of New York. My Father first generation American born of Puerto Rican and Venezuelan parents. My Mother a British West Indies immigrant. She was known for her art sketches throughout her High School years at Morris High. Her major ambition, to become a Fashion Designer. My Father a graduate of Gompers High, became a Union Carpenter Foreman. Involved with constructing the New York City cityscape. Citicorp to name one. I was educated through N.Y.C. Public Schools until I graduated from a Public High School in Los Angeles. I resided in Los Angeles for two years. It was in California I started a career in Carpentry, unknowingly I would become a fourth generation Carpenter. Third generation Union Carpenter in N.Y.C.
My Wife along with our children moved to Monroe County Pennsylvania year nineteen ninety six.I bought a 35mm film camera shortly after experiencing many wonderful sunsets and sunrises while commuting to N.Y.C. Leading me to have read many books on Photography by the early pioneers. Graduating to 35mm color reversal or slide film, from professional 35mm negative film.To strictly using a medium format camera, color reversal film, for Landscape and Cityscape portraits and studio portraiture. I have to thank a fellow Fashion Photographer Ken Gray who gave me a RB ProS recently. And the accomplished Photographer John A. Webber for introducing me to the medium format, along with his ability to mentor. I do own two digital 35mm cameras I use for events and outdoor Model portraits and Sport events.
Recent,daily mentoring from Legendary Photographer Louis Mendes introduced me to large format cameras. I can not say enough about Louis Mendes. Truly talented Photographer, helps all whom ask..He taught me double exposure with his Crown Graphic. Along with the ability to write with light. In every form that you use to expose the subject.
Currently booking Executive Headshots with the Crown Graphic and of course shooting Landscapes. I do feel the need for all detail a large format camera will enable you to have when you wish to enlarge and frame your prints. My future work will be from a large format view camera, much like Ansel Adams.
Year 2010, I displayed a few photos at JMC Custom Framing and Gallery, 674 9th Avenue New York. A thank you to Curator Dorothy Krakauer, who accepted my work and enthusiasm for Photography. Many thanks also to the Proprietor Candido who frames all of my photographs.
Presently Director of Studio Photography for Artists In The Kitchen.Org., Founder and President Michael Marcus Felber. The HK Studio Tour 2011 consisting of up to eighty artist some of whom I will formally photograph with their art work. Photos will be included on their web site, HK Studio Tour 2011 Video and their periodical At The Edge.
Attending New York Institute of Photography. My instructor is Elinor Stecker-Orel. Senior Editor for Popular Photography Magazine.
More endearing is the life long tutoring of Famed Photographer Louis Mendes. As A Teacher-Mentor, Louis Mendes continues to push me towards all possibilities the camera has to offer. And getting “That Paper”.
I have a passion for Photography. The photos I have taken are my gift to everyone of the wonderful beauty I see.
Thank you to all previous clients and models. You have taken me to this point of making a dream come true.
“Let’s Open Our Hearts”
Anthony Leyro

Posted June 15, 2011 by Images 4 Your Mind

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