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Nearing the bicycle season reminds me of this story….

Images 4 Your Mind

As many may know I sell Instant Photos with my Crown Graphic. Many times the process involves conversation just because of the camera itself. Recently I was approached by a gentleman named Ben. Of course we spoke a while about cameras and Instant Pictures. Some how the conversation turned to my children, where they attend college and the borough I spent my childhood. Which happens to be Queens. He caught me by surprise through his word association. Some how Queens meant the Velodrome to him. Unknowingly to Ben it meant a lot to me also. Many years ago I purchased a poor mans bicycle-fix wheel-from Kissena Cycles-builder Al Toefield. Al is known throughout the cycle scene in NY as far back as the ’40s. Al, Founder of Kissena Cycling Club, with two others influenced “The Track of Drems”-Kissena Park Velodrome. The only public bicycle track in NY.

Al measured me…

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Tobyhanna DepotTobyhanna DepotTobyhanna Train DepotEngine, engine Number 9
On the New York Transit Line
If my train goes off the track
Pick it up!
Pick it up!
Pick it up!
back on the scene
crispy and clean.

On a cloudy moonless
night sits the
Tobyhanna Train
Station. Situated on
Church Street or
Route 423 in Monroe
County, Pennsylvania.
Built in 1907, the Depot
served to transport ice
from Tobyhanna Lake via
railway. Currently a main
artery for natural
gas distribution within
the county. Part of The
National Railway Historical
Society . And a stop along
the seasonal locomotive
tours from Steamtown

Coincidently the day after
the original post. I had the
opportunity to photograph
the train at the crossing.
Heating season. Stay warm.


Top Photograph Facing North East.
Middle Photograph Facing North.
Bottom Photograph Facing North West.
Last Liquefied Natural Gas Train.

Winter Wonder Land   1 comment

Here in the Pocono Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania snow can become abundant. Due to its’ geographical location. Rather modest altitude of sixteen thousand feet. Lake effect from the Great Lakes, and its’ mountain region sitting on a plateau. You better get used to looking like you came from the Mountain as you go to town to shop.

The pictures rest from my town called Tobyhanna.”Tobyahanna” is derived from an American Indian word meaing “a stream whose banks are fringed with alder.” Known for the ice the lake supplied in the early nineteen hundreds. So needed was this ice in came a train station. But today more famously known for The Tobyhanna Army Depot. Tobyhanna Army Depot is the largest, full-service electronics maintenance facility in the Department of Defense. But in recent times many New Yorkers have found this area for vacation homes and permanent residency. Due to the proximity of The Big Apple.

Just a few photographs after a rather calm six to eight inches of snow. Temperature was listed at zero degrees on this day January 3, 2014.

As cold as it is, there is going to be pleasant scenery. So while the wind howls, and the trees sway, enjoy the winter months, for it will soon go away. Stay warm... "The house on the lake"

  “La Casa Del Lago”                                                                                                                                                       As cold as it is, there is going to be pleasant scenery. So while the wind howls, and the trees sway, enjoy the winter months, for it will soon go away. Stay warm…
“The house on the lake”

"The Day After" Early sunrise, after a long snowy night. Presents to my eyes, such beautiful light.

“The Day After”
Early sunrise, after a long snowy night. Presents to my eyes, such beautiful light.

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Image   Image

I have always wanted to photograph a live performance in black and white. After many of the iconic

pictures of many past great artist recorded this way. I find it Raw. Stripped down to the bare soul.

Johnny King Live At The Shrine…

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What a bell. The young man will surprise you with his vocal attack. His debut performance at The Shrine was for all to take notice. With the album entitled “All About Me”. Johnny King takes us on his adventure throughout life. Vocally structured and perfectly written instrumentation.  Johnny captures your attention with a previous generations ability. This by touching every note of every instrument. On stage playing the heavy on guitar in D.IM.E. All while vocally opening his heart in “Throwback”. And it truly is with his tight twelve piece band. Johnny Kng simply has done his homework..

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Looking East And West

Bryant Park, N.Y.C- Looking East And West At 41st Street

“Lollipops and candy apples, sweet as sugah, yeah, take me in your arms and hold me, baby would you, yeah yeah, sugah, would you,  would ypu, oh sugah, vibrations coming from inside you makes me know your into Living from The Mind” Lyrics by the funk band Brick. Boy was this sweet. Yeah year 1977 I moved to a City called Los Angeles. You say L.A.-Say What! I hated every thing about it, but a few young ladies and the weather. Time to smoke some bo get drunk to help me find the funk. Yeah they used to say that behind pink star sun glasses with curlers in their hair. Culture shock-fish out of water-I need to catch a plane back to the future or at least N.Y. They were into funk, New York was into Disco. There was nothing like seeing a block setting up for a block party in N.Y. DJ with the massive speaker system and dual turntables. Crowds of folks coming from every where, to hear the mixes and hustle baby. Folks would dance to endless DJ mixes. Phasing from one part of the same song to another. This creates a mid range sans bottom. Well Brick incorporated this mid sound in Living From The Mind I was used to hearing in N.Y. That was extent they caught up. I left for N.Y. in 1979. Love Funk now and never forgot about my band Brick.

Mechanisms, instruments, optics and lenses=Minolta. I played out side from sun up till well someone told me come home. Kick the can was played at night. So you may not find me, cause if my Mom said so, I went inside. Are you still looking? The bits and pieces of watching television were usually cartoons. No there was not a cartoon network. This was a morning venture only. You have to remember the action was outside. The little I did watch tv as I grew older, I liked the Minolta commercial jingle “Only From The Mind of Minolta” Some things just stick with you. Time frame mid ’80’s

World Trade Center and Upper Bethel, Pa. After commuting to my W-2 in New York City via my car, ride share or commuter buses. I had to make a decision due to congestion from the closing of the tunnels into N.Y. So I transferred to Staten Island. Some time within the year and a half I spent there I decided to photograph all the beautiful sunrises, sunsets and the trip itself. So I found a woman in Upper Bethel whom was selling a Minolta camera. Remembering the jingle, I felt how can I go wrong. Quickly getting the bug, I was handing The Ritz a roll of film a day. A two hour drive would turn into four. When i bought a tripod, I would pull over onto the shoulder and snap my photo as cars wizzed by. Or I would here and smell the sounds of farms. Sometimes both, cars and the farm. You have to love it-you do strange things when you do.

“Oh I Wish I Had A Picture”

Anthony Leyro-Images 4 Your Mind, LLC

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Andy Golub

Andy Golub and Model in Times Square

Andy Golub Halloween 2011

“The Devil Made Me Do It”

There was a time when I had a website. On the site I named this Photo ‘The Devil Made Me Do It”. The site is long gone, but  I caught up with the Artist in action. Andy Golub is his name. Body Paint is his game. I found him painting in Times Square. While he worked we talked. He assured me he will have many public “paintings” throughout the course of the year. As seen also at the High Line on Thursday nights etc… Very interested in the three day festival Atists In The Kitchen. Org offers. Of course he remembered many aspects of the Models he used this past Halloween. Only to add to my memory of when I pressed the shutter. That is Andy Golub BodyPaint Artist…

Anthony Leyro-Images 4 Your Mind, LLC