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Jorge Alvarez. Solo Dos En Tijuana. Photo by

I heard him a quarter block away. Riffin’, tearin it up. I knew the music was up ahead. But from whom? I can only faintly hear it. Man did this sound good. I grew up hearing music as a youngster. My brother a guitarist, and sister a violinist. So I knew this was exceptional. I can hear the riffs  louder, and clearer but I still did not know where such a sweet melody was coming from. A radio maybe? A long shot since boom boxes died long ago. Now my mind is even more curious till I finally see why I could not tell where it such a wonderful sound was coming from. I caught up to the music and found there was a gentleman walking playing a Ukulele. Riffs baby, riffs…This was special. I needed more of a connection than a hello and thank you for the wonderful sounds I am hearing. So my first words were “When was the last time you were photographed?” He obliged and said “I like New York, for their are so many Photographers.” Well I like New York cause there is so much energy and you do not know when or how you will be energized. Jorge just passed the torch to me. I took five photos of Jorge. Within this time Jorge Alvarez told me he was from Venezuela. My Fathers Mothers country. Special from the first note I heard till the end of our five minutes together. We can follow Jorge Alvarez via web:

Anthony Leyro-Images 4 Your Mind, LLC