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Andy Golub

Andy Golub and Model in Times Square

Andy Golub Halloween 2011

“The Devil Made Me Do It”

There was a time when I had a website. On the site I named this Photo ‘The Devil Made Me Do It”. The site is long gone, but  I caught up with the Artist in action. Andy Golub is his name. Body Paint is his game. I found him painting in Times Square. While he worked we talked. He assured me he will have many public “paintings” throughout the course of the year. As seen also at the High Line on Thursday nights etc… Very interested in the three day festival Atists In The Kitchen. Org offers. Of course he remembered many aspects of the Models he used this past Halloween. Only to add to my memory of when I pressed the shutter. That is Andy Golub BodyPaint Artist…

Anthony Leyro-Images 4 Your Mind, LLC

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Anthony Leyro for I4YM-2011

“The Card Game” -Model: Mike Quiteh.

Anthony Leyro for I4YM-2012

“The Classic Triple”- Model: Mike Quiteh.

His Mother Gave Birth To Twins! Is the funniest reply to to the photo I call “The Card Game”. Actually from a Veteran Photographer whom could not come to terms that I would be able to produce such a photo. Without recourse to such a reaction to the photo, I came up with an idea to prove him incorrect. “The Card Game” was taken in the December-2011 and shown in January-2012. I appraised the Model Mike Quiteh we would have to get together again when possible. The possibility would be in the middle of the same winter, February-2012. By this time I had full confidence from Mike in producing something unusual. With the freedom to pose as he wished, we produced the “Classic Triple”. Now Sir I must tell you “His Mother Gave Birth To Triplets”!

Photo by: Anthony Leyro for Images 4 Your Mind, LLC. Model: Mike “Big Play” Quiteh. Assistant: Phillip Leyro. Special thanks to my Teacher-Mentor: Louis Mendes. Camera: Crown Graphic. Film: Kodak Ektar 4×5 Sheet Film and Fuji Astia 4×5 Sheet Film. Photos to placed in the HK Artists In The Kitchen. Org yearly magazine “At The Edge”as an advertisement. Founder: Michael Marcus Felber . Chief Editor: Mike Felber. Head of Studio Photography-Photo Documentarian Anthony Leyro- Images 4 Your Mind, LLC

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The Photo

Photo by Anthony Leyro for I4YM. Exposure with Crown Graphic and Fuji Instant Film

What do we do? Very simply, we record a still visual of time. There are many types, from the family photographer to the Professional, all worthy of this common goal. My most cherished photos were shuttered by my Pop, Ferdinand Leyro. Always camera ready, just as the Professional is. My Pop carried a point and shoot. Exactly what he did. He shot everything, including their laundry next you. That is where the separation occurs, for the Pro would have “cleaned the composition” before shutter release. Never mind technical aspects of the camera itself. That’s a different topic. Just a simple recording, which will be a classic in twenty years. Thanks Pop for “The Classics”.

Anthony Leyro-Images 4 Your Mind, LLC

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Artists In The Kitchen

 What a wonderful experience this has been! Documenting the Artist for the Organization Artists In The Kitchen Org. all started when I submitted a photo to its effervescent Founder Michael Marcus Felber. I did not know Michael needed a Photographer until we had a meeting at his favorite local coffee shop. Michael does not drink coffee, but came with a shopping list of chores for me. Yes I needed a refill, for this led me on a journey throughout HK. My assignment: Photograph Proprietors, HK Artists, Architecture, Gardens, and Residents.

On my schedule were meetings with some of the oldest establishments and accomplished Artist such as: Poseidon Bakery, Espositos, Gloria Schloss, and Jim Seffens (at his Studio). Poseidon Bakery and Espositos are generations old establishments. The wonderfully warm and humble Gloria Schloss, and the late Alec Schloss, provided art displayed and bought all over the world. Jim Seffens, with his creative artistry, was the tip of what I would find to be a very huge talent base within this small Manhattan community. Some of which, along with Jim, supplied the accompanying Theater District with their much-needed artistry. Let the Play go on…

Unbeknownst to me, all the fun I was having led Michael to knighting me “Director Of Studio Photography”. Upon contacting Artists (whom were registered with the Org.) and receiving assignments, I was scheduled to photograph much of their artwork for promotion. Many of which was within their home and some while they painted or displayed during the three day Hells Kitchen Artists In The Kitchen Festival.

The three day festival, a walking tour of the HK, was a sleepless, adrenaline fused weekend. Opening at Lucky Strike Lanes, featuring a silent auction for Artist, while the Entertainers entertained. Day two and three: countless displays by Artists, within many of the fine Establishments and their residences in HK. Entertainers kept the night air full. Offering the ability to enjoy a meal, then step to the bar. All while the band play at famed Establishments such as The Hour Glass Tavern on HK’s Restaurant Row-Priceless.

I accompanied Michael to many locations within HK overtime. But one completely refreshed and gave me such a feeling of relaxment when we stepped over its threshold. Bar Nine. Bar Nine is where the Festival would end and those would meet for final goodbyes. Kudos “cause by then I needed what Bar Nine provided me.

Anthony Leyro-Images 4 Your Mind, LLC


HK Art Tour 2012-Digital Editing by: Anthony Leyro

Special Thanks: Michael Marcus Felber, Dorothy Krakauer, Scott Goodwillie, Lucicano of Merilu Pizza, Josh of the Hour Glass Tavern, Nadine Charleson, Jacy Topps, and Mike Felber.

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Jorge Alvarez. Solo Dos En Tijuana. Photo by http://images4yourmind.com

I heard him a quarter block away. Riffin’, tearin it up. I knew the music was up ahead. But from whom? I can only faintly hear it. Man did this sound good. I grew up hearing music as a youngster. My brother a guitarist, and sister a violinist. So I knew this was exceptional. I can hear the riffs  louder, and clearer but I still did not know where such a sweet melody was coming from. A radio maybe? A long shot since boom boxes died long ago. Now my mind is even more curious till I finally see why I could not tell where it such a wonderful sound was coming from. I caught up to the music and found there was a gentleman walking playing a Ukulele. Riffs baby, riffs…This was special. I needed more of a connection than a hello and thank you for the wonderful sounds I am hearing. So my first words were “When was the last time you were photographed?” He obliged and said “I like New York, for their are so many Photographers.” Well I like New York cause there is so much energy and you do not know when or how you will be energized. Jorge just passed the torch to me. I took five photos of Jorge. Within this time Jorge Alvarez told me he was from Venezuela. My Fathers Mothers country. Special from the first note I heard till the end of our five minutes together. We can follow Jorge Alvarez via web:





Anthony Leyro-Images 4 Your Mind, LLC

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One thing is for certain, we all try to become the best at what we do. And many of us do many things all seemingly related to each other. Over the past two months I have read bio’s of artists I have photographed. I am amazed at how accomplished the individuals are. With backgrounds as vast as you could imagine, or can you. I was quite surprised to find many had experiences which you would feel not related to what they have become. Even better what I have become.

Photo by Images 4 Your Mind, LLC.

I was shown a generations old spoke shave by Jim Seffens in his studio. His background Furniture Refinisher, he is known for creating collectible Masks. Then to capture him at his most relaxed moment, forming paper mache into a small figurine. Great shot.

Anthony Leyro-Images 4 Your Mind, LLC

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Louis Mendes with Crown Graphic. Photo by Images 4 Your Mind, LLC

Not many here are aware of the Charles Bronson sitcom from the early 1960’s Man with a Camera. Found on Hula http://www.hulu.com/watch/199560/man-with-a-camera-second-avenue-assassin First episode season one. Much like Arthur Fellig (Weegee) or current Louis Mendes he can be seen throughout the episodes with a press camera. But with the same bravado he portrays in his famed vigilante movies. Most of it shot in old New York, Noir. Only lasting two seasons the series is worth a look at for Bronson fans and for those trying to capture everyday life with a camera.

I do own a Press Camera. Crown Graphic to be exact. They are without a meter. So your thought process is much slower. Especially in the early morning, early evening, when the light is changing rapidly. My composition has dramatically  changed for the better. My poise and grace, with the many cameras I own, have been uplifted. If you are a shooter get one of these LF Cameras. Besides, the photos from this dinosaur are absolutely gorgeous. With Weegee long gone, you are still be able to catch “The Shaft with a Camera”, Louis Mendes or even me for a photograph of wonderful you.


Anthony Leyro-Images 4 Your Mind, LLC